Boyle Heights Gate


"Boyle Heights’ residents to benefit from walkway, lush plants and trees and public art and entrance gate designed by artist Michael Amescua at newAir Treatment facility – greenspace will eventually connect to new Sixth Street Bridge and L.A. River.

The $17.8 million project is on a one-third acre site, located at the intersection of Mission Road and Jesse Street. The air treatment facility is a two-stage treatment facility that collects and removes sewer odors from the East Central Interceptor Sewer and North Central Outfall Sewer.

In addition to its use as an air treatment location, the site will also be home to the first ever LA River adjacent green space in Boyle Heights. The greenway features drought-tolerant plants, benches, and public art by renowned local artist Michael Amescua. Amescua, known for his public art at parks up and down the LA River, constructed silhouettes of animals, beautiful metal gates, and a “River Goddess” statue, highlighting the importance of the river in the city.

The Air Treatment Facility and the adjacent greenway are just the first in a series of major improvements along the LA River in Boyle Heights championed by Council member Huizar. Last summer, Council member Huizar secured $2.5 million in state Active Transportation funds to construct bicycle and pedestrian improvements next to the 6th Street Bridge..." (Archive of Article)

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