Osos park


"...The plantings are simple and are composed of native species that would have been found along the river before the encroachment of the city. The sculptures, by artist Michael Amescua, depict various types of wildlife along the river, either present today or, as in Osos Park, only of the past. Located at the corner of Riverside Drive and Oros Street, Osos Park has larger-than-life steel cutouts of mule deer, a mountain lion, and a grizzly bear, all part of the early Los Angeles River fauna. Steelhead Park is enclosed with a fence, designed by Brett Goldstone, that celebrates the much hoped-for return of steelhead trout, which once swam in the river. This park, at the end of Oros Street, has an informal amphitheater where the surrounding neighborhood can gather for events and recreation..." http://www.pacifichorticulture.org

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